Institutional flow via Telegram app
Forty nine
  • Institutional block/UOA alerts in real time(smart money)
  • Alerts on sweep/block activity of 500-5000 contracts
  • Alerts on repeat block buy
  • 10-15  block alerts/day ( other services/scans alert you 50-200 alerts per day)
  • Actionable trade ideas
  • Intraday market direction commentaries on stocks/indexes (support/resistance)
  •  Social media alerts: we alert you top blocks shared by popular traders on twitter( Wallstjesus,swat,flowalgo,blackbox)
  • Not machine generated  alerts as they alert you complex options strategies/hedges ,we alert you only buy siade(going @ask)
  • Easy to find options market sentiment for your stocks
Day/Swing trade alerts Via Twitter app
90$ ( Twitter premium)
  •  Institutional Options block alerts(smart money)
  • Day and swing trade ideas with charts analysis
  • Chart analysis shows you the trend and market direction
  • Market direction analysis( S&P, NASDAQ,RUSSEL)
  • 5-8 alerts per day!
  • Earnings/news related trade ideas
Twitter+Telegram+ Elite report
130$/Unlimited alerts
  • Telegram app alerts,Twitter premium
  • Weekly Elite report via email With Swing trade ideas and Market analysis!
Forex_Alerts( via Telegram)
only $69
Premium Trade Alerts:
  • Trade alerts using proprietary algorithms(news and trend)
  • Chart analysis with trend analysis and target  entry exits zones
  • Trade alerts generated using macro economics
  • Lots of educational posts  for new and advance traders on how to find best trades and key bounce levels
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
Premium Forex mentorship
  • What is Forex trading?
  • Forex trading terminologies
  • The psychology of forex trading
  • What makes Forex currencies to go up or down!
  • What is price action trading analysis?
  • Forex trading strategies
  • What is fundamental analysis(GDP,Interest rates,CPI, retail sales, emplyment)
  • How to interpret an economic calendar
  • What is technical analysis
  • How to trade off a forex chart(graph)
  • Candlesticks charting
  • Advance professional price action and Forex trading strategies
  • How to make a profitable forex trading plan
  • How to choose the best Forex pair to trade(USDCAD/USDJPY/EURUSD)
  • How to manage risks and mistakes made by Forex traders.
  • How to open an account and trade forex