July 2020:

$MRNA calls block buy on this pharma name as they have been successful in creating some antibodies for corona!




May 19th:

$AMD up 2% as we flagged  calls block buy!





April 28th:

$BBRY made a22% move as we flagged  3000 calls block buy!


April 17th:

$MRNA moved 30% since our last post! Nice gains for many of our members and followers! it was shared on social media too!



March1st 2020:

$Gild we flagged March17 175 calls block buy 1200 contracts,its moving up nicely today,paying our members!




March 31st 2020:

$CCL we shorted it based on intraday double top resistance on chart and bearish put block  activity!



March 23,2020 :

$FB we posted this chart on our social media account & ST  account. Initially this trade details went to out  our premium members about a possible bounce off key horizontal support, it moved 37$+ since then also market moved higher at the same time!