About us


StockoptionsTutorials site is dedicated to educate and make every investor successful with our theories and real time trade analysis. We are building a community of traders and investors to share trade ideas in our live stream using chart patterns, fundamentals  and news. Our premium trade alerts are generated using various algorithms that combine key price levels, chart patterns, technical divergences and fundamental analysis.  We also use seasonal strength weakness statistics in finding relative strengths and weaknesses in the markets.  Premium trades are alerted with exact entry and exit price.

Our professional trading courses are designed to educate all levels of traders . Trading courses are made by successful traders with real life materials that focus on entry/ exit, algorithm plays, bullish bearish chart patterns, position sizing and risk management. Our focus is to give lessons to the investors so that they can learn on how to trade like a professional successful trader.  We provide satisfaction guarantee by proving high quality materials in our courses. Here are the reasons why you should try Stockoptionstutorials trading site and premium services:

  • Live demonstrations of charts and explanations on why stocks and Forex currencies bounce at certain levels and fails at certain levels
  • practical examples show live chart patterns with theoretical explanations(lots of charts/graph analysis)
  • Examples emphasize on how algorithms make certain patterns in price and charts
  • Focus on materials that matters for profitable trading, ex: entry/exit , buy/seller zones , bull/bear chart patterns and risk management
  • Premium trade alerts in our Trade alert and Chat page are deeply analyzed with entry/exit and stop loss strategy
  • Coaching and courses materials can be life changing as we take professional views on stocks and forex analysis
  • Satisfaction guaranteed!