About us


StockoptionsTutorials site is dedicated to educate and make every investor successful with Institutional block alerts and real time chart analysis.  Our premium trade alerts are generated using various algorithms that combine key price levels, chart patterns, technical  and fundamental analysis.

We are trading in all market conditions. In a Bull market we are buying, in a down market we are short selling (Selling at a high price, buying back at a lower price). We scan hundreds of stocks every day. Every day, we are analyzing the major indices movements and market sentiment. The Options market is a major leading indicator that provides us information about future positions of other investors. We analyse options market activities to determine future positions of investors in stocks in order to have an edge in taking our positions.

We provide financial education and hands on training to trade stocks, options and Forex trading. Using our training and tools, you will be able to manage your investment independently either at home or on your job like a professional. We explain you the risks and rewards of investing in the stock market.